Plug & Play Device Drivers

STARS VETS offers a comprehensive set of available device drivers such as:

  • Dynamometer controllers
  • Standard and non-standard emission equipment
  • Third-party emission equipment
  • Exhaust-flow measurement equipment
  • Process I/O systems and modules
STARS VETS Plug and Play Device Drivers

Integrated Editors


The HORIBA Test Procedures Editor is the most user-friendly editor on the market for individual driving trace creation and visualization of test sequences. With its open and stable character, the Test Procedures Editor guarantees the security of investment at maximum flexibility for future requirements in hybrid electric vehicle and RDE testing. The test procedures and measurement configurations can be viewed and modified on any other workstation independently of the current test cell operations. Your users may add events and gear shift points themselves. The Test Procedures Editor offers numerous content elements giving your users the optimum flexibility to create and configure their desired vehicle tests. The editing functions are very intuitive, thus allowing non-specialists to add or modify their own test procedures. This helps you save training time and costs.

STARS VETS users can configure new or existing test procedures by chaining together one or more “blocks”’ of Drive Unit, Soak, Coastdown, … types. For example, custom hybrid vehicle testing procedures and RDE traces. Test procedures can be manipulated graphically to set driver messages, start / stop sampling and set digital output and pulse digital output.


STARS VETS users can configure new or existing traces specifying a table of speed versus time, which describes the speed profile that the vehicle will have to follow. Shift points associated with the trace can be added; traces and shift point tables can be imported from Microsoft Excel by Cut & Paste.

STARS VETS Test Procedures Editor

Configurable Workflow

The configurable workflow in combination with quick and flexible function extensions increases each user's individual productivity.

The workflow of the STARS VETS test processing is made up of these steps:

  • The Test Configuration prioritizes the ease and efficiency of use by managing all necessary entities for re-use from test-to-test with minimum of repeat data entry.
  • Pre-Test Actions are performed before the active driving part of the test can be started, e.g. raw lines calibration, dynamometer configuration, CVS bag purge etc.
  • During the Test Execution the selected test procedures are processed.
  • Post-Test Actions are performed after the completion of the test procedures, e.g. bag analysis, if not finished, calibration drift check, CVS bag purge etc.
  • During the Analysis measured data are processed in order to calculate all relevant results.
  • During the Results Reporting a report is generated out of the measured and calculated results. The generation can be triggered automatically or started manually at any time afterwards.
STARS VETS Configurable Workflow

Integrated Driver's Aid

The integrated Driver's Aid provides the driver with a graphical display of scheduled and actual speed, gear shift points and user-defined events. The permitted tolerance for speed deviations maybe displayed as well as an out-of-tolerance count. For better visualization of cursor and tolerances, a magnifying function is available. Flexible screen layouts may be designed, including full screen drive trace (the entire screen is filled with the drive trace) or partial-screen drive trace (part of the screen is reserved for user configurable displays).

STARS VETS Drivers Aid - Driving violation

Analysis Inspector

For every executed test, the Analysis Inspector provides a graphical representation of the input data, calculation paths, intermediate calculation steps, results and errors. The Analysis Inspector provides filtering and search mechanisms to inspect specific calculations and results.

You can view and maintain your analysis configuration, verify and debug it using test data. Analysis execution results can be inspected and verified.

STARS VETS Analysis Inspector

Analysis Auditor

Similar to the Analysis Inspector, the Analysis Auditor produces a formatted report of all inputs, calculation steps, and outputs from a completed test. The generated report can be distributed and opened in any web browser without STARS VETS running. This is particularly useful for verifying calculations, customer understanding, training, result confirmation and system auditing.

STARS VETS Analysis Auditor